DaVinci and the Brain

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Leonardo da Vinci as an Artist and a Scientist
Annotated list of links to other sites on Leonardo the artist and scientist

The Leonardo Museum in Vinci

Web Gallery of Art
Many images of Leonardo's drawings and paintings

Institute and Museum of History of Science, Florence

Kim H. Veltman: Leonardo's Method
An extraordinary on-line essay

UC Berkeley
Leonardo's role in paleontology and evolutionary biology

Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
Thumbnails of Leonardo's sketches

WebMuseum, Paris
Focus on Leonardo's art

Leonardo's Links, Museum of Science

Leonardo da Vinci: Scientist, Inventor, Artist
Museum of Science, Boston

Milestones in neuroscience research

Leonardo da Vinci books, videos and CD-ROM
Items for sale

Brain ventricles: our internal lake
by Silvia Helena Cardoso, PhD.

Books on Leonardo's Brain Research

Many thousands of books have been written about Leonardo. Excellent biographies include:
Two biographies that focus on Leonardo's science are:
Other excellent books and articles describing Leonardo's anatomy include:
Leonardo's manuscripts have been published in facsimile, and a substantial number are available in English.The anatomical facsimiles include:
The standard anthologies of his writings include Richter (first edition, 1883) and MacCurdy: